3rd International Congress of Chemical Engineering

Jun, 2019 | 2019, Events

  • Date: June 2019
  • Place: Santander, Spain

Fuel production from recycled polypropylene

Other contributions

  • An assessment of on-line model identification using Luenberger observer for anaerobic digestion processes.
  • Assessment of inhibition and toxicity of several families of ILs by activated sludge.
  • Ionic liquids removal by sequential photocatalytic and biological oxidation.
  • Strategies for the removal of choline- and imidazolium-based ionic liquids from aqueous phase.
  • Nutrient recovery from acid-mediated hydrothermal carbonization of sewage sludge.
  • Anaerobic co-digestion of primary sewage sludge with the liquid fraction from waste activated sludge hydrothermally treated: A new approach for sewage sludge management.
  • Acute toxicity of ionic liquids on acetoclastic methanogens.
  • Preparation of carbonaceous materials by hydrothermal carbonization of olive stones for ionic liquids removal.